With over 10 years of video production experience...these are just some of our FAVORITES!


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TKA Fine Arts

Video Production, Website Development

Global Velocity

Website, Videos, Graphic Design & Print


...from broadcast commercials to internal communications to videos for use online or at trade shows. Corporate videos improve awareness for any company.

Corporate Packages

...many times one video is simply not enough. Starting with a plan is crucial to the success of most communication. An initial video might develop a theme or style and then subsequent video productions continue the learning process.



...charities, religious organizations, para-church ministries all need media. Whether through email, live presentations, or mailers, video is used to help keep these groups in the forefront of their contributors minds.



...every weekend churches all around the world search for new and different ways to teach the same Biblical Principals. We strive to engage many different demographics and learning styles through videos that support the weekend teaching.