Every audio, video, and lighting installation project is unique with it’s goals, budget and timeline. We have training and experience that ranges from TV installation with in-wall cabling to a multi-venue sound, lighting, and video projection installation. No matter what AV needs you have, Collideascope Studios will propose a system that meets your goals, your budget, and will last for the long term.

Previous Work

Rivers Crossing Church

  • Video projectors in 5 venues within a renovated movie theater with a live-video switching control room.
  • Control room allowed for video switching from multiple HD cameras, integration with ProPresenter presentation software, and lighting control.
  • Secondary venue's sound was wirelessly controlled via an iPad that communicated with the main sound board, saving the client money.
  • Stage lighting was designed and installed to include stage wash from the rear of the main venue and color LED accents for the stage.
  • Two of the youth venues had separate audio, lighting, and video equipment to run unique programs at the same time.


  • 4 Zone audio installation including recessed ceiling speakers, wall mounted speakers, and outdoor rated speakers, all controlled in a conveniently located control room.
  • All of the necessary in-wall audio cabling was run during the renovation.
  • 3 wall mounted TV installations with DVD players, in-wall computer inputs, and audio zone output capabilities.
  • Acoustic Treatment to turn a basement with solid concrete floors, walls, and ceilings into a quiet space suited for guest seating.

Brain Trust

  • HDMI based Audio and Video system created for ultimately flexibility and usability.
  • Two 65” TVs were installed on rolling carts.
  • Input source (such as computer) could be plugged into one of three wall input locations, which multiplied the signal to feed the TVs that could be plugged into any of the three matching wall output locations.
  • Input audio was stripped from the HDMI signal and sent to a 6-speaker system throughout the venue.
  • Control room housed the video and audio switching components, which were easy to use and came with training tutorials provided by Collideascope Studios.


Areas of Expertise

  • Sound, Video, and Lighting for Houses of Worship and Live Music Venues
  • Wall Mounted TV Installation with In-Wall Cabling
  • Commercial Audio with indoor/outdoor and various aesthetic options (multi-zone design capable)
  • Sound Treatment for noisy or echo filled rooms
  • Flexible and portable system for audio and video uses
  • Creating unique and one of a kind solutions to meet your specific AV needs