We understand that churches and non-profits have unique needs, unique budgets, and often have unique target audiences compared to other organizations. As a company, we have over a decade of experience creating media for churches and creating environments rich in technology but focusing on volunteer driven functionality. We’ve worked for churches and understand the vision and the passion that go behind impacting the people you’re trying to reach. 

Types of church and non-profit focused media & technology that we create include: videos, graphic design, and AV installations. 

Whether it’s an AV overhaul of your worship space or a redesign of your logo, we focus on user friendliness with a strong foundation of functional features that utilizes the most current technology while being friendly on the budget. Contact Us to see how we can partner with you to accomplish your goals to reach people with your Good News message.

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AV Design and Installation

We have worked with churches to update and overhaul the worship space AV to include HD video, video recording and streaming capabilities, audio system improvements, lighting design, and volunteer driven equipment. We pride ourselves on creating easy to use equipment, processes, and training tutorials for volunteers to feel comfortable running and even troubleshooting the AV systems. 

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Videos are a great way to draw people's attention to an event, announcements, a story of life change, or an intro to a new teaching series. They help inject high energy in weekend services and break up the mode of communication so as to capture your audience's attention. We've made many videos over the years and below are a few of our favorites. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design has its footprint throughout your building, non-profit, and weekend services. Examples include weekend bulletins, atrium banners to promote a series or event, prayer cards, event pamphlets, and many more. The design of these pieces can draw attention in and result in increased participation. 


Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the lifeblood of what makes a church function well. And giving them the training and resources that need to succeed is very important. We have helped many churches get their volunteers trained to run all AV aspects of the services. These include ProPresenter, audio mixing, lighting design, video camera operation and video switching. Let us partner with you to spend a Saturday morning or other ideal time to train your volunteers on how to maximize use of the equipment and get the best results for your weekend services. 


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