PROJECT SCOPE: Video Production | Website Development


The King’s Academy is a private school based in West Palm Beach Florida. They have a nationally renowned Fine Arts department and perform many musicals, plays, dance performances, and instrumental performances every year. Multiple times each year we travel to the school to video their theatre productions both for DVD sales and student audition reels. We partner with the school to provide videography services, and we have developed and maintain their website.

Video Production

For the Fine Arts theater performances, we often arrive the day before opening night to capture their final dress rehearsal and create a promo video for the performance to be edited by the following day. We then shoot two performances and edit them into one full performance video that is burned to custom branded DVDs that are sold to patrons. We also provide custom video edits such as year in review videos, student audition tapes, or video clips edited down for awards submissions.

Aspects of Video Production

  • HD Multi-Camera Setup
  • One Day Edits for Promo Videos
  • Multi-Night Capture/Editing
  • Custom Branded DVDs
  • Special Project Video Edits


Website Development

To support such a vibrant Fine Arts department and all of the media that is created, they needed a newer, mobile friendly website. They discussed their goals of user friendliness, promoting ticket sales, keeping parents informed, and displaying media. We built a custom website that includes media players, easy to use navigation, mobile friendliness, quick access to ticket purchasing, and a calendaring system to keep student and parents informed. We continue to develop the site to meet their ever-changing needs, while keeping the site up to date with current media and class information.

Website Features

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Custom Styled Calendaring System
  • Video Players
  • Department Landing Pages
  • Blog
  • Photo Galleries