PROJECT SCOPE: Live Event Production | Web Design  | Video Production | Presentation Support |  Photography


The Chiquita Supplier Summit was a multi-day conference aimed at thanking and celebrating partner organizations. A consistent theme was very important to the client so that it carried between the event staging, website design, video production, and presentation support. This all-in-one event solution included a website for conference registration, a themed presentation template, staging that supported the event theme, an introduction video for the conference, award videos for the partner companies, and capturing the event via a live-mixed video stream and photography.

Live Event Production

We began the production by brainstorming event themes with the client. Once one of our ideas was chosen and refined, we began designing a room layout and stage that best reflected the theme. In this case, the theme was "need for speed", so we incorporated racing tires on the stage and below the side projection screens to cohesively bring all visual elements together. We created the conference logo and designed a color lighting scheme that would best reflect the logo. After discussing the audio and visual goals with the client, we created a to-scale room and staging layout. We then compiled an equipment needs list which was met in part with our equipment and also items that were locally rented at the conference location. After negotiating equipment rental rates, we discovered that our time and equipment at the event was paid for by the savings we negotiated from the original equipment rental cost. On the week of the event, we traveled to the conference location, managed the set up of the equipment and successfully ran the audio, video, and lighting for the three day conference. We supported breakout rooms with the necessary AV and on-site support to ensure every meeting, cocktail hour, and presentation was successful. 

Aspects of Event Production

  • Conference Theme Conception
  • Logo Creation
  • Room Layout and Staging Design
  • Equipment Negotiation
  • Setup and On-Site AV Production
  • Recording and Capturing Event via Video Recording and Photography
  • Breakout Room AV Support


To support the conference, we built a website to house the schedule, bios of the presenters, and a conference registration form. Using this form, conference attenders were able to note when they were arriving and leaving, if they were bringing a guest, and select an activity with options. The form submission were both sent via email and accessible on a custom viewer on the website where submissions could be viewed, modified, and exported.

Website Features

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Conference Themed Design
  • Custom Registration Form
  • Admin Form Submission Viewer
  • Schedule of event with iCal/Outlook Integration
  • Integrated Video Pop Ups (mobile friendly)

Presentation Support

A presentation template was created for the theme of the conference. This template was sent to all of the presenters. Final versions of the presentations were compiled a few days before the event so that we could verify the proper media (images and videos) was connected, as well as fine tune transitions, fonts, and graphic layouts. This ensured the smoothest on-site operation and presentation for the conference speakers.


We dedicated a staff member with experience in professional photography to capture the event in photos. This included documenting the execution of the conference theme, conference presenters, cocktail hours, awards ceremonies, and overall energy of the event. The photos were then published online for viewing and downloading from any of the conference attenders.

Video Production

Video played a large role at the event, from the pre-conference introduction video to the awards ceremonies and event recording. An introduction to the conference was recorded at a racetrack, which helped build excitement for the event and it's theme: "the need for speed". The winners of the conference awards were given to us a couple of weeks before the event, so we could create an awards reveal video for each of the major awards. The videos fit the theme of the conference, utilized the winning company's logo, and highlighted important aspects as to why the award was won. The event and presentations were recorded from the live video feed in the main session ballroom, which were published online for viewing and sharing after the event.

Video Production Features

  • Multi-Camera Setup
  • Live Video Switching
  • Video Editing for Introduction Video
  • Intro Video Script Writing
  • Digital Animation of Logos and Graphics
  • Live Video Recording

Supplier Summit Video Production