PROJECT SCOPE: Live Event Production | Video Production | Graphic Design


The annual American Freight conference is a single-day conference aimed empowering and educating the sales teams in the company. High energy and professionalism was important to the client so that it carried between the event staging, website design, video production, and graphic design. This all-in-one event solution included a video recording package, professional and cost effective staging, graphics for live video throughout the event, video creation for the awards celebration, on-site support for one main ballroom and 5 breakout sessions, and capturing the event via a live-mixed video stream and photography.

Live Event Production

We began by discussing the audio and visual goals with the client, researching what capabilities the venue provided, and then we created a to-scale room and staging layout. We then compiled an equipment needs list which was met in part with our equipment and also items that were locally rented at the conference location. On the week of the event, we traveled to the conference location, managed the set up of the equipment and successfully ran the audio, video, and lighting for the  conference. We supported breakout rooms with the necessary AV and on-site support to ensure every meeting, breakout, award presentation, and keynote speech was successful. 

Aspects of Event Production

  • Room Layout and Staging Design
  • Creating Video and Graphic Designs to Mark Key Event Moments
  • Setup and On-Site AV Production
  • Recording and Capturing Event via Video Recording
  • Breakout Room AV Support

Graphic Design

Utilizing the logo provided for the client, we created a lower third graphic that was displayed over the live video to introduce each speaker at the event. We also utilized the logo to create a Gobo for the space. This is a metal cutout of the logo that has light projected through the center so the logo is projected on the venue wall. 

Video Production

Video played a large role at the event, from presenting videos throughout the event to recording the event with our HD video equipment. The event, awards, and presentations were recorded from the live video mix in the main venue space, which were provided to the client after the event for future video editing.

Video Production Features

  • HD Multi-Camera Setup
  • Live Video Switching
  • Capturing Event B Roll
  • Live Video Recording