Examples of previous Collideascope Studios video work are highlighted below...


Boise - Project Up

...an investment in an a community downtown Indianapolis to revitalize an urban park

Cincinnati Center for Autism

...a look at the day to day operations of this educational center and its impact on the lives of families affected by autism

Chiquita Brands - Passion Fruit Project

...the results of an “experiement” by Chiquita to invest in small farmers for growing passion fruit in Costa Rica.(Potential to be on display at Epic Center in 2012)

Filter Pure - Fundraising

...a project designed to explain the need for clean water in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and how this organization is trying to reduce this epidemic.

Back2Back Ministries - Story Isn’t Over

...opening video from a fundraising banquet to setup the theme for the evening to raise funds for orphans in 3 countries.

Montgomery Community Church - Neyman's Story

...the story of a Nicaraguan and his life in the US.

Cincinnati Christian Schools - Scholarship

...a look into how the scholarship program works and the impact it has had on families involved.

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